Indie Horror Podcast Hosts The Horror Characters You Never Considered

The horror podcast scene can feel impossible to navigate – with shows dedicated to every possible aspect of the genre popping up all over the world. However, a stand-out indie podcast has recently caught the attention of news outlets. ‘My Neighbors Are Dead!’ –  co-produced by Adam Peacock and Nate DuFort – delves into sideline and minor characters of horror movies.

Together, the team attempt to answer questions that horror fans probably haven’t thought of – but will want the answer to. What was on the menu at Damien’s birthday party? How has the Blair Witch economy responded to the horror that was filmed on their doorsteps? And how is the tech company behind The Ring’s cursed video been doing since the allegations their product killed customers?

Witty, smart, and very, very funny – we’d recommend all horror fans have a listen to  the show. It’s a dive into a side of horror we don’t think about – and at times it manages to be quite touching. It guarantees you’ll never view your favorite movies the same way again. After all, who wouldn’t have empathy for the cleaning crew called in to deal with the aftermath of A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 3!?

Find out more about the podcast at their website, and listen on  Apple Podcasts and GOOGLE PLAY.



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