Indie Horror NEFARIOUS Reaches It’s Crowdfunding Target

We’ve been following the progress of independent home invasion film Nefarious closely since it’s Kickstarter campaign went live. The UK based Ash Mountain Films sought support from fans of indie horror to create their second feature film, the follow-up the folk horror Glasgow Horror Festival 2017 winner Dogged

Nefarious reached it’s goal of £20,000 a couple of days ago, giving horror fans the opportunity to see more from Dogged director Richard Rowntree. The film is a home invasion horror, with practical effects and an intelligent social commentary set to look at poverty and disability in the UK.

With an already completed script; Nefarious will begin shooting in the late summer of this year. As the campaign closed and the budget successfully met, the team launched the film’s IMDB page.

Updating backers, the Ash Mountain team said “Here at Ash Mountain Films, we’re incredibly excited to begin production later this year, and we’d like to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts! 

Thanks to YOUR generosity and belief in the project, we’re going to be able to make our second feature film “Nefarious”! 

There’s a horrible statistic that only 3% of British filmmakers go on to make a second feature film – and thanks to you guys and girls, we’re bucking that trend with this production!” 

The team plan to have backers involved with the filmmaking process, keeping them up to date with the experience of creating an independent horror film. They are also in the process of shipping rewards to backers, which include the eerie masks featured in Dogged, along with lots of other awesome merchandise.

Rowntree told us; “I’m delighted and very excited to bring work on pre-production. We’ve secured our first location today and are pressing on already. But the shoot is the most fun part! All of us Ash Mountain Films are incredibly grateful to all of the Kickstarter backers, and everyone who’s helped us out by publicising the campaign. Popcorn Horror in particular have been brilliant, thank you for everything!”

Aw! :3

Keep up to date with Nefarious’ progress on Twitter and Facebook.