Top Low Budget Horror Games you are sure to Absolutely Love

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Quality horror films are few and far between these days, but in the horror games genre, there has been some sort of resurgence. Interestingly, the resurgence isn’t being championed by big names like Resident Evil and Silent Hill, rather it is being largely championed by the hundreds of talented indie developers from different parts of the globe. This piece takes a look at low budget horror games you have probably never heard of before now.


Soma takes you into a future where humanity is nearing extinction, as you explore an underwater facility called Pathos-II in an attempt to find answers in the face of all kinds of horrors of the depths. Remember, everything looks scarier underwater. After spending time on this game, you will find yourself still thinking about it long after you are done playing it.

Layers of Fear

This is one of the most intriguing indie horror games from the last few years. In Layers of Fear, you will play as a painter that has been driven mad whilst attempting to finish a masterpiece. Unlike the typical everyday survival horror games, this game is deeply plot-driven. This means you will be slowly melted into the horror story as the game progresses.


In Monstrum, you will navigate through a cargo ship with a huge monster on board seeking to end you. This sounds like standard fair, but there is more. Every time you start the game, you will be taken to a new part of the ship with different layouts and a different monster. Quickly understanding the new layout and working out what monster you are up against is vital to survival.

Halloween Card

You may never have heard of these but scary slots and card based games can now be played online. Halloween card is one of the games you can expect on bingo sites that accept paypal, like . You can choose to play the standard bingo rules based version of the game or simply match truly scary characters to the right names. This is a good option for when you need to play something scary but don’t want to go full tilt into hard core horror gaming.

Year Walk

This game has a black Scandinavian flavour to it. It is mind-twisting horror based on Swedish folklore. As the protagonist, you will get ready for an ancient divination that allows you to see the future and battle through encounters with supernatural forces. You will quickly fall in love with this game as it gives a new meaning to claustrophobic horror.

The Park

This game paints the normally fun theme park as a place of nightmares when the sun goes down. You will play the part of a single mum who has lost her young son in the park and has to find him. The only controls available to you are moving and calling out his name. It taps into the human emotion of looking for someone dear to give you a few hours of quality entertainment in-the- dark spook.

These games are a welcome change from the popular horror games that sometimes feel a bit clichéd.