Indie Horror Comic Offers Fresh Take on Vampire Mythos


Throughout Women in Horror Month, we highlight the work of women in the horror industry. While we’ve covered filmmakers and actresses regularly during our celebrations – we haven’t really delved into the indie comic scene. So today, we urge you to check out a fantastic independent horror comic which caters to the hardcore vampire fans among you – created by writer Lia Scott Price.

Vampire Guardian Angels is a creator-owned, self-published, independent and original horror-action comic book series written and created by Horror Author Lia Scott Price. In the comic series, Price has created a new breed of vampire: guardian angels who have become vampires and serial killers who hunt down humans who pray to them. As these evil “Vampire Guardian Angels” try to take over humans and fight over a “creator” who holds the power to heal angels, only one “good” angel remains to fight them, and both humans and “earth” vampires must try to work together to stop them.

Lia Scott Price gives a fresh new twist and an original story to the vampire genre. In the comics, Price has created a new breed of vampire: guardian angels who have been bitten by and turned into vampires, but who are still guardian angels, and they still have to respond to prayers. They are an evil vampire-angel hybrid who are also serial killers who can only be summoned by those who pray for help or protection from a guardian angel, and that’s how they find and feed off their human victims. It’s a comic book that caters to vampire purists and aims to bring back and feature the classic brutal, vicious, merciless, bloodthirsty, violent, and gory vampire. Imagine your guardian angel turning completely psychotic, evil, and deadly, becoming a mythical monster, and eating you instead of helping you.

Vampire Guardian Angels is Price’s first comic book series as an independent author and publisher, and this is the first comic book series project for artists Andrew Setter (Issues 1-5) and Chad Hammontree. There are currently 5 completed and published issues in the series. The series was originally created in 2012. They are currently distributed through Amazon and Amazon Kindle, and are available  in both digital and paperback format here.


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