Indie Horror ATOMIC ZOMBIES Available on Amazon


Independent horror film Atomic Zombies is now available to rent or buy on Amazon. The ultra-low budget film was written and directed by John McKechnie and stars ShadowBeatz, Mercedes Luteman, Jackie McKechnie, David Allan, Dan Yowell and Ryan Hickey.

Here’s the synopsis: “Two weeks after a local nuclear power plant explosion (which totally wasn’t an evil secret Nazi research laboratory), zombies have taken over the town! A small group of useless survivors have banded together to argue about what to do next, but with no medical skills, military training or common sense there doesn’t seem to be much hope.”

The horror community has praised the film for it’s throwbacks to the classic low-budget VHS era and it’s sense of humor. ZMDB said “The creators know they’re making a cheesy b-movie on a super-low budget, so they go the direction of making a hilarious b-movie comedy.” 

Horror Society said; “the humor lies in the dry dialogue and series of events that lead to each of their downfalls”

Check out the poster and the trailer below, or buy the movie on Amazon.


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