Indie Halloween Anthology ’10/31′ Unveils Trailer

We’ve previously reported on upcoming Halloween themed horror anthology 10/31 – which promises to contain ‘Five Tales of Blood Soaked Terror’. The film is a new anthology by Red Letter Entertainment, Inc. and produced by P.J. Starks, creator of the critically acclaimed Volumes of Blood franchise.

Currently raising funds on IndieGoGo, 10/31 is set to bring short bites of fear in the vein of much loved horror classics like Trick R Treat and Creepshow. It’s in the final production stages, with the team asking the horror community to support the film’s completion in areas such as visual effects and editing.

Grammy award-winning musician Rocky Gray will be making his directorial debut, alongside celebrated horror names Zane Hershberger (Devilution), John William Holt (The Dooms Chapel Horror), Brett DeJager (Bonejangles) and Justin M. Seaman (The Barn).

The new trailer was unveiled this week, which you can watch below. Check out the IndieGoGo campaign to find out more and support the film.

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