Indie Filmmakers Bring Pennywise to the DC Universe

Alberto Triana is an independent filmmaker who, with his partner Hisonni Johnson and Robot Underdog has created a mash-up fan film starring Pennywise.

“After a string of children go missing in Gotham Jason Todd takes it upon himself to investigate… What he finds could shake Gotham to its core. “

Red Hood IT takes Pennywise from Stephen King’s “IT” and puts him into the DC Comics Universe Gotham City. Now Jason Todd aka Red Hood is tracking down the mysterious disappearances taking place in Gotham.  Jason Todd/Red Hood is played by Noel Schefflin, with Jeremy Boone as the voice of Pennywise the Clown.

With the love of anime, science-fiction, comics and pretty much anything that can be classified as “geek culture”, Robot Underdog produces high quality, live-action anime & superhero content, such as the Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man project, which was praised by Marvel’s Brian Michael Bendis, and the live-action Street Fighter project, in partnership with Capcom.

Find out more about the film on the Robot Underdog website and Patreon. You can check out the full fan film below.