Independent Horror Community Helps Director Seriously Injured On Set To Finish Film

We personally know that the independent horror community is full of wonderful, creative and kind individuals who completely challenge the views an outsider might have about someone who loves violent, gory films. With initiatives like The Monster Charity Project and Scares That Care, it’s clear horror fans have big, slightly bloody hearts.

It’s great to see the community coming together, as they have in the creation of the film Rotten Cotton. Director Kasper Lewis began creating the film with the vision of offering a source of support for teenagers dealing with bullying and mental health issues. As a former lonely teenager who spent a lot of time locked away watching scary movies, I can totally relate. However, Kasper – who also wrote and self funded the film – suffered a serious setback in filmmaking when he sustained a life-changing leg injury.

Now struggling to complete the film due to the debt he acquired while recovering, Kasper has asked the indie horror community to help him make the film a reality. Rotten Cotton focuses on a vigilante serial killer, interweaving the stories of an abusive relationship, a paranoid news anchor and a bullied teenage girl.

While filming, an actor with mobility issues collapsed; crushing Kasper’s leg. He had emergency surgery, which involved inserting screws and  a rod reaching from knee to ankle. (The morbidly curious among you can see images here). He then suffered an potentially fatal infection during his recovery. With a long recovery ahead, he was unable to continue working on and financing the film. Now, Kasper has asked the horror community for support to complete the project via GoFundMe.

Horror fans have already begun showing support for the project, but there’s almost 3 months left to help the filmmakers reach their £7000 goal.

Check out the film trailer below, and head over the fundraising page to support this project.

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