Incredible Poster Designs By Fans of Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’

There’s no doubt that Jordan Peele’s new horror film “Us “is among the biggest releases of the year. The film, which focuses on a family confronted by evil doppelgangers has earned $182 million worldwide against a modest $20 million budget. “Us” is Jordan Peele’s follow-up to his 2017 hit “Get Out” and is already garnering early buzz as a favorite for an Oscar in 2020. Critics have praised the storytelling, acting and musical score of “Us” as helping to create an atmospheric and effective horror film.

Unlike “Get Out” – which blended horror with comedy and social satire, “Us” is a more traditional horror film designed to evoke terror in viewers. Director Jordan Peele has stated that a major inspiration for Us was The Twilight Zone episode “Mirror Image” that was centered on a young woman and her evil doppelganger. Classic and iconic horror films also served as inspiration, including “A Nightmare on Elm Street and “Jaws“.

Many horror fans used the release of the film as an opportunity to show their creativity, and designed a range of posters portraying various aspects of the movie. Across social media; artists, illustrators and designers around the world used the hashtag #WatchYourself to share their posters. Jordan Peele also received praise during the campaign for his willingness to support and promote independent artists.  In a statement, he discussed the fan creations saying; “The fan art response to the Us trailer has been inspiring. I am in awe of the artists around the world who took time to create these amazing pieces”. 

Universal, ahead of the release showcased some of the best fan creations on the film’s website. Chocolate City Comics are also the hosts of a SXSW19 Art Exhibition of the art collection which you can check out on their Facebook. Take a look at some of our favourite designs below, and tell us which ones are your favourites!

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