Incredible Fan Model Brings ‘Salem’s Lot’ To Life

You might remember a few years ago we shared an amazing fan creation; a detailed model of Derry, Maine as described in Stephen King’s IT. Artist Kassiopeya crafted the miniature town inside a recycled stereo table and adorned the town with tiny details including missing persons posters, and tiny bicycles.

Kassiopeya has returned with another incredible creation inspired by King’s work. ‘Nightfall in the Lot’ is a model inspired by Salem’s Lot, and features many recognisable features from the story.

The artist explains; What still enchants me about ‘Salem’s Lot’ after so many years is its melancholic autumnal mood and its elegantly woven, fragmentarily narrative perspective. In almost lyrical visual language, King constructs his seemingly simple story about the creeping decline of a city on the example of numerous individual fates: We experience the fall of Jerusalem’s Lot from the different perspectives of its inhabitants while at the same we get insight into the hidden secrets of the city.”

“Against the background of impending doom, the author paints almost by the way his merciless portrait of a deceptive small town idyll full of hidden violence, corruption and malice. What remains in the end is a multi-faceted and autumnal bloody-colored farewell song on a city where evil was present long before its doom.”

When you have marvelled at this complex artistic creation, you can also find out more about the process of it’s creation. Kassiopeya documented the building process on her site with many work in progress images and notes. You can also take a video tour of the set below, and check out more images at the artist’s website.