Hunk Films Release Zero-Budget, Sci-Fi B-Movie Short Film ‘CELL’

The latest short film directed by award-winning filmmaker Paul Holbrook and produced by Shunk Films, Sascha May Productions and Robot Dinosaur has landed online via Film Shortage’s Daily Picks.

‘Cell’ is a throwback to the 80s VHS era of Science Fiction B-movies and stars Laurence Saunders (Eastenders, Dr Who) and introduces young actress Livvie May.

‘Cell’ tells the short story (written by pro screenwriter Alex Hollister) of a cowardly deserter during WWII who, after being captured, awakens in an underground Nazi cell alongside a mysterious female captive. Both prisoners seemingly unaware that they are a part of a cruel psychological experiment where all is not what it seems.

The genre film, which will be aimed at the international festival circuit throughout 2018 is a proof-of-concept short that will accompany the development of an exciting feature film project of the same name which is currently navigating funding streams.

You can view the film below.

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