How to Get Yourself the First Freelance Writing Gig in 2021

The job outlook over the world has bleak with the COVID-19 health pandemic still raging. Lots of people have lost their jobs while others have had their salaries reduced significantly. Therefore, having an opportunity to make a buck freelancing becomes a feasible reality during these times. But how can you about it, especially when freelance writing for the first time?

Well, plenty has changed over the years, and freelance writing no longer proves the same. However, do not worry, as the guidelines that you will shortly see can improve your profile and technical know-how to write and make a living out of it.

Crucial Must-Know Things as a Beginner in Freelance Writing

When you first start, it becomes essential to understand a few principles of freelance writing jobs online. The following will empower you to become an incredible freelance writer.

  • It would help if you had laptops of either Mac or Windows type to get started with freelance writing. Additionally, it would help if you remembered to type accordingly to avoid any hand issues with time.
  • Proper seating. It becomes crucial to invest some money in a comfortable computer chair to avoid basing your whole freelance writing activity on your couch.
  • Paypal account. It becomes essential when you start getting clients.
  • Email address. You will transact most of your activity via email, so it becomes essential to obtain one before starting.
  • Skype address. Clients can at times prefer to have a one-on-one meeting, which can get facilitated by skype.

Must-Have Trait to Become Successful as a Freelance Writer

  • Desire and motivation. It becomes essential to motivate yourself as you will always do the job alone. Further, the motivation to change your financial situation should originate from within, as freelancing provides an opportunity to make money.

How to Demonstrate Your Writing Experience as a Beginner

When you first start as a freelance writer, you potentially won’t have plenty of writing experience or probably have none at all. To market yourself as capable, consider the following.

  • Start your blog. It represents one simple way of getting your write-ups online and one that can help you get freelance writing gigs when you first start.
  • Begin guest posting. It implies when you write content on another person’s blog and get paid for your efforts.
  • Register for a portfolio in Contently. The site comes as a marketing blog with a platform that showcases your portfolio.
  • Open a Facebook account to not only get freelance jobs but to market your services and reach out to other would-be freelancers.
  • Develop a sample. The best way to develop a sample entails drafting a blog-post.  
  • Network widely with others. It becomes crucial to connect with fellow writers to demonstrate your genuine capacity as a freelance writer. Further, you can also ask them essential questions such as setting your rate or how to guest-write on blogs, etc. You will get crucial tips from willing freelance writers.


If you want to start and excel as a freelance writer, it would help if you considered adopting the suggested tips.