Housesitters (2018)

Critters on drugs, that’s how I would describe Jason Coffman’s Housesitters. Outrageously funny and very well produced; I am glad that I had the chance to review this funky indie horror flick as there is so much to say about it. So without further ado fiends, let us begin.

Angie (Annie Watkins) and Izzy (Jaime Jirak) don’t quite have the normal bestie relationship, they sit and get stoned whilst binging on old porno movies from a mysterious box entitled Pappy’s Porno Box so it doesn’t come as a surprise (pun intended) when supernatural hijinks begin to ensue around the crazy duo.

At first glance, I didn’t know what to expect from Housesitters, but as the film has been making its way around the indie film circuit it has received high praise. And rightfully so, I have come to understand why this cooky indie flick has made a name for itself. What a fun ride this horror comedy is. Filled with a strong, imaginative plot Housesitters delivers in just over an hour, kudos to Jason Coffman on accomplishing such a hard task. Not once did my attention stray from the screen, I laughed non stop throughout and just purely enjoyed every wild moment.

The acting was fascinating and honestly fiends I am not just saying that to butter you all up. Annie Watkins who plays Angie and Jamie Jirak who plays Izzy have such an awesome rapour it is just enjoyable to see a casual, believable friendship take place on the screen. Their relationship had me buzzing from the get-go. Their sense of humor was fantastically funny and not over the top. With horror comedies over the top jokes can become problematic, turning horror into slapstick nonsense, there was none of that in this unconventional horror classic. When it came to gore and the supernatural freakazoid itself well the whole thing was just bloody bonkers. The death scenes were minimal but the special effects good. The gore was sparse but necessary, everything about Housesitters just felt natural and not rushed.

It’s always a pleasure to see a strong female lead role in the indie film industry especially when it comes to women defending themselves and not running away helplessly like so many other films have portrayed women do, for two women to take the lead role and bounce off each other as well as they did truly make me proud. With that being said the male cast also did a fantastic job, Peter Ash who played Zakk Izzy’s bumbling boyfriend, J.J Bidwell who plays Dan and of course James Timothy Peters who plays Pizza guy Greg also added fun humor to the plot.

But what really amused me was the five minute animated short that appears halfway through the film. It reminded me of a fucked up version of Cats and Dogs and if you’re a child of the nineties like myself then you will know who I am on about (Mr. Tinkles anyone?) the short unnerved me more than the actual film and I found myself sitting in my seat scratching at my head thinking “has something malfunctioned?” but no it was all part of the film, another cooky element that I enjoyed.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed House Sitters. It was a blistering, entertaining piece of horror cinema that should be praised for its ability to make its viewer laugh and cringe. Is it cheesy? Yes! Of course, it is, this is indie horror we’re talking about but my god was it done well. Do I recommend you watch it? You’re damn right I do. It’s a good laugh. So next time you find yourself housesitting call up your gang, order in (preferably Korean) kick back and relax with Housesitters! You can thank me later!

Housesitters is Charnel Chatter approved!

Housesitters premiers at Local Horror Showcase on 28th of April! Make sure you check out the info below!

Windy City Horrorama: Local Horror Showcase
Date: 28 April 2018
Time: 3:45 p.m.
Location: Davis Theater, 4614 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60625
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