Horror Youtubers You Should Be Subscribed To

horror youtubers

Are you looking for vloggers, reviewers and unboxers who understand your love for all things dark? Here’s nine horror Youtubers who are creating awesome horror content!

First Class Horror are based in Ireland, and feature a range of horror content on their channel. Currently there’s unboxings, trivia, DVD reviews and a podcast series on Halloween Horror Nights. Check out their review of Halloween Horror Night’s merch below.

Dr. Wolfula is an undisputed horror nerd who carries out his reviews wearing a Universal Monsters Wolfman mask. He has a lot of engaging horror arguments, including why New Nightmare is not a Freddy movie, but he also branches out into horror merch and gaming reviews. His videos are often also very informative, like the series you can check out below on the evolution of Jason.

HorrorMovieReviewGuy is exactly what he describes himself as. He looks at a range of horror movies, often from a more personal persepctive than a straight-up review. Check out his thoughts and theories on the Friday the 13th franchise in this video.

Horrible Reviews are a channel paying tribute so some of cinema’s most extreme movies (most of which are horror). The channel is engaging and informative as we are talked through the history of video nasties, and introduced to some of wackier B Movie offerings out there. Check out the countdown below of the most disturbing films ever made.

GoodBadFlicks, while not entirely horror – look at obscure, hard to find B Movies and cult ‘so bad they’re good’ movies. As you can imagine, many of the movies featured are horror. He is incredibly knowledgable, and often puts forward very original arguments on films you might otherwise have dismissed. Blair Witch 2 is one of the films featured, which you can check out below.

The Horror Appraisal describe themselves as “a channel devoted to giving horror fans honest reviews of horror films. Find out what is legendary, what is currently hot and what is the best of all time!” The channel features film reactions and reviews, unboxings, and countdowns. They have a series looking at the 80s by year and picking the best horror movies from each year. Check out 1986’s edition.

Cinemassacre is probably better known for its gaming content, including the hugely successful series ‘The Angry Video Game Nerd’. But being such longstanding YouTube veterans means that they know how to do Halloween by now, and every year a whole bunch of awesome horror content is released. James Rolfe, when he’s not in character as the Nerd, is a huge horror fan and collector. Check out the video below where he looks at horror VHS cover art.

TheHorrorGuru presents a series called ‘Blood Spattered Cinema’, which reviews both well known and more obscure horror titles. His reviews are fast paced, witty and he’s a great host. I’d love to see this guy revive the ‘Horror Host’ persona. Check out his passionate review of Black Christmas below.

StitchedTogetherPics tagline reads ‘The Quest of a Mentally Ill Person to Destroy Bad Remakes”. The masked host makes reference to his mental health, playing on many of the ‘asylum’ tropes found in horror to create a strangely compelling, but very funny host character. His series ‘Boots to Reboots’ explores recent remakes of classic horror films, such as this one featuring an in depth comparison of each adaptation of Carrie.

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