Horror for the Weekend

Welcome to Horror For the Weekend, a brand new feature where we make some suggestions as to what horror films you should be checking out. If you’re at a loss, worn out the Hammer box set, or just looking for something new, read one.

For our friends in the US, Carrie is still the big name in theatres. While we wont get to see the remake until the end of the month, the film has been out since before Halloween in America. If you haven’t seen this one yet – we’d recommend heading along if only to see if it’s worth the hype. Supposedly far closer to the novel than the original 1976 version, and featuring the talent of Chloë Grace Moretz (who we loved in Let Me In), it’s one of the biggest horror events of the year. We’ve heard mixed reviews, and while we’re a little sceptical whether it will match up to the original, it’s one you’ll need to see yourself to make an accurate judgement. Plus, it gives us the excuse to post this amazing fan poster again.


Seriously MGM, why didn’t you go with this?

If you don’t feel like leaving the house, you might want to take a look at Curse of Chucky. Saturday is incidentally the 25th anniversary of the release of the original Child’s Play, so it’s the prefect opportunity to check out this one. Although it was a straight to DVD/VOD release, there has been widespread protest that it did not get a theatrical run. It’s a return to the more straightforward horror style of the original film – dropping the slapstick and pop culture jokes that quickly dated the more recent sequels. Chunkyis back to creepy in this instalment, and it’s been very well recieved by the horror community.


They’ve dropped the silly scars, and he looks ten times scarier.

The BFI’s Gothic season is underway, so there’s a chance to see some of the most iconic dark films on the big screen. Our local independent cinema is taking part – so we’ll definitely be heading along to watch some of the classics. If you’re UK based, check out the official page and see if there’s anything going on in your local theatres this weekend.


We will of course be seeing this classic again.

Finally, today would have been Bram Stoker’s birthday, so we suggest that you dig out some Dracula adaptions. I’m sure you’ve all seen the staples – Bela Lugosi, Hammer – but we have a few suggestions for more obscure takes on the count that you might want to seek out.


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