Horror for the Weekend

Another weekend is here, and this week we’re going to look at what’s on in theatres. The film that’s got everyone talking is Only Lovers Left Alive, a romance drama vampire film. It’s been getting a lot of positive reviews, and I’m going to be checking it out over the weekend.

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The synopsis reads – “Set against the romantic desolation of Detroit and Tangier, an underground musician, deeply depressed by the direction of human activities, reunites with his resilient and enigmatic lover. Their love story has already endured several centuries at least, but their debauched idyll is soon disrupted by her wild and uncontrollable younger sister. Can these wise but fragile outsiders continue to survive as the modern world collapses around them?”

While it’s not really a horror movie, Bloody Disgusting described it as – “It’s best to walk into Only Lovers Left Alive knowing what you’re in for and willing to submit entirely. The plot is a mere whisper. There’s some conflict, but it’s minimal. But there’s music. And mood. And romance. Jarmusch’s film is like a low, gravelly conversation overheard between two old souls late in the night. Sometimes it’s nice to just spend a quiet evening with an old eccentric friend.”


From what we’ve heard, it sounds like a film in the vein of Interview with the Vampire. It’s playing at most major cinemas, and horror releases are a little slim at the moment, so it’s at least one to consider.