Horror for the Weekend

Welcome to horror for the weekend – where we make suggestions for your weekend viewing. If you want to take a break from Christmas shopping and relax with a horror movie, we have a few ideas. Let’s get started with black and white classic The Cat People. 


Today marks the anniversary of the film’s release in 1942. What makes this one interesting is a horror technique which has influenced the genre since it’s release. Director Val Lewton and his production are credited for inventing or popularising the horror film technique called the ‘Lewton Bus’. The term derives from the scene in which Irena is following Alice. The audience expects Irena to turn into a panther at any moment and attack. At the most tense point, when the camera focuses on Alice’s face, the silence is shattered by what sounds like a hissing panther—but is just a bus pulling up.Since then, any scene in which tension is dissipated by a mere moment of startlement, a boo!, is a ‘Lewton Bus’


This weekend also marks the anniversary of the release of House of Dracula in 1945. The second iconic monster crossover from Universal, this weekend might be a good chance to watch some monster mashups. Here’s a few of our suggestions.


Have a great weekend!