Horror for the Weekend

So we’ve reached Friday evening, and I’m taking a look at what horror I’ll be enjoying this weekend. If you’re stuck on what to check out, here are out suggestions.

Almost two months after the US, we’re finally getting the remake of Carrie released in the UK. I’ve tried not to read too much about it, and go check it out with an open mind this weekend. Supposedly far closer to the novel than the original 1976 version, and featuring the talent of Chloë Grace Moretz (who we loved in Let Me In), it’s one of the biggest horror events of the year. While we’re a little sceptical whether it will match up to the original, it’s one you’ll need to see yourself to make an accurate judgement.

The big DVD release this weekend is The Seasoning House, a revenge film that’s been getting a lot of attention in the horror community. This was the opening film for FrightFest in 2012, and was received very well, so we’re looking forward to checking it out. The synopsis for the film reads – The Seasoning House: where young girls are prostituted to the military. An orphaned deaf mute is enslaved to care for them. She moves between the walls and crawlspaces, showing the little kindnesses when she can. When fate brings the men that murdered her family and the reason she ended up in the whore house, a chain of events begins that will end her captivity, free the girls still alive in the house and grant her revenge on the soldiers that destroyed her life.

This Sunday marks the first of December – so it’s officially socially acceptable to start preparing for Christmas. This might involve digging out the tree, or starting your shopping – but make some time to kick off the festive season with a Christmas horror. The classic pioneer of the slasher genre Black Christmas is staple viewing, or for something more cheesy, Jack Frost. 

Have a great weekend!