Horror for the Weekend

So the weekend is upon us again, and we’re here to give you some pointers for your horror viewing habits. Let’s delve right in to a cinema release that’s caught our attention.

It’s fairly rare for an Asian horror film to get mainstream cinema release in the West, so we’re excited to check out The Flu – a South Korean disaster film. The film is centred on a disease with a 100% fatality rate, which throws a city into chaos.Illegal immigrants are smuggled in a container headed to Bundang, which is near Seoul, South Korea. The container arrives full of dead immigrants except for one man carrying a form of avian flu that evolves rapidly and is extremely contagious. Byeong-woo (Lee Sang-yeob), one of the brothers who opens the container, dies from the illness but an outbreak has already begun as the virus spreads. The epidemic puts Bundang in a state of absolute pandemonium. The city full of 472,000 residents is eventually shut down as the government forces everyone, infected or not, into quarantine camps. The scramble to find a vaccine becomes a high priority but even more so for doctor and single mother Kim In-hae (Soo Ae) whose daughter recently contracted the virus. It sounds really interesting, and has been getting some great reviews. We need to see more international horror making it to mainstream cinema (certainly more than we need another sequel to Paranormal Activity), so we’ll definitely be checking this one out.


As for classic horror, this week saw the 72nd anniversary of the release of Frankenstein. I’m sure, like us, you’ve seen it more times than you can count. But considering the age of the film, it holds up extremely well and is still considered one of the greatest horror films ever made. Plus, the Universal Monsters are a great way of introducing your kids to horror!

Perhaps not one for the kids – it’s Jamie Lee Curtis’ birthday today! So in celebration, we’ll be heading home tonight to watch the classic Halloween. Again, it’s a staple – but it’s such a well crafted, atmospheric film that we’ll take any excuse! If you feel like a Curtis movie, but want something a little different, why not try 1980s slasher Terror Train?


Happy Birthday!

Finally, after years of legal issues and delays, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane is finally available on VOD. Here’s the synopsis – “The orphan Mandy Lane is a beautiful, virgin and pure teenager raised by her aunt, desired by her schoolmates and a close friend of the outcast Emmet. After the death of their high school mate in a pool party, Mandy befriends Chloe, Marlin, Red, Bird and Jake. Red invites the group for a weekend party in the isolated ranch of his family, with all the boys disputing who would succeed in having sex with Mandy Lane. They meet the henchman Garth that takes care of the ranch and he asks the group to go easy on the drugs and booze. In the middle of the night, a stranger wearing a hood attacks Marlin in the barn; when Jake seeks her out, he faces the killer, beginning a night of bloodshed and terror.”


You might want to check out RJ Bayley’s review of the film here.

Have a great weekend!