The Horror: The Thrill of Casinos


When we hear the word casino, the vast majority of people think about poker and other well known favourites, or they think of Las Vegas with its bright lights and its affinity with gambling. What they don’t do is think of horror films. Funnily enough though, many a horror film have been set inside a casino or around the vibrant streets of Las Vegas, using the chaotic backdrop of Nevada’s ‘sin city’ as a location of terror and dread.

 As far back as 1959 horrific casino stories have graced our screens, albeit the small screen; The Twilight Zone, a cult classic of a supernatural programme touched on this idea of horror and casinos three times. The most memorable of the two being when a couple visits Las Vegas and the husband wins big. The rush of euphoria is short lived, however, as the fun soon turns sour when he invests more time and money he now hasn’t got into the machine, with the slot machine slowly transforming into a malicious entity that drives the gambler to his death.

From here on out, other films included the allure of the casino to create a suspenseful setting for their plot lines, such as Leprechaun 3, in which the evil villain chooses a casino as the ideal location to obtain all the gold he wants, at any cost. Although not very successfully put together, the use of a casino provides an intense maze for the protagonists to explore while running for their lives. This idea of playing for your lives is something more recent films have portrayed, as shown by Dead Man’s Hand, released in 2007. Unlike early renditions where it’s the casino itself causing harm, the run-down casino here is simply host to some angry spirits looking for payback.

Regardless of whether you love or hate horror, what all these films go to show is the sheer excitement and thrill of casinos, a rush of emotions many of us try to emulate when we play casino online. Minus all the bumps in the night and creepy goings on, websites like Betway Casino allow you to explore a wealthy network of casino games that we all know and love, and they do this by delivering games to our portable devices and computers.

You can peruse a diverse assortment of games and their variations, something you wouldn’t be easily able to do if you visited a Las Vegas casino. This is because a great many of them cater to one of two formats of the games, normally delivering the most popular. Roulette is a great example of this; there’s French, European, American, and Californian versions, and yet we rarely get to experience the subtle but unique differences between the four. Online casinos tend to provide it all and thus gives you a better gaming experience. Even if roulette isn’t your game, the online slots provide an eclectic mix of stories, themes, and graphics meaning you can avoid having to play the same game over and over. If you are feeling nostalgic though, and you want to experience the classic slots that we see in films, your virtual experience has that covered too.

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