Horror Themed Quarantine Projects To Bring Spooks to Isolation

As more countries adopt quarantine laws in response to the coronavirus outbreak, we have all found ourselves with more time on our hands. As we attempt to adapt to stay at home orders, many of us might experience loneliness, isolation and fear. Experts have suggested creative activities might improve our general mood and relieve some of the anxiety we are currently facing. Some of you might consider phone counselling if you are struggling to deal with current circumstances. We also have a few hand-picked horror inspired ideas to share from around the web to fill your time during lockdown. 

First up, why not take up sewing with the Universal Monsters? This Stitch A Long cross stitch pattern is available from WitchyStitcher. It features a stylised haunted hotel with nine rooms, each paying tribute to the classic Universal monsters. The Bride of Frankenstein, the Wolfman and Dracula are among the characters included in the design. When complete, the finished artwork is around 12 inches wide by 14.5 inches high – perfect for hanging in your spooky abode! The designer even has some scary sewing accessories on her website, as well as many other occult and horror themed patterns and kits.

Next up, coloring for adults has exploded in popularity over the last few years. Often cited as a relaxation method, we suggest adding some guts and gore to the mix. Rock-star-turned-comics-creator Alan Robert has produced a series of incredible horror themed coloring books that are definitely for adults only. The Beauty of Horror series is described as ‘art therapy for the abnormal’ – and there are a few editions to work through. “The coloring book craze took hold of my wife and daughter a few months ago and I wanted to get in on the fun, but as I flipped through the endless pages of nature patterns, it dawned on me that someone left out all of the damn corpses,”  explains the creator. The books are themed around haunted playgrounds, gruesome deaths, monstrous creatures – with special Halloween and Christmas issues also available. Just make sure you have a spare red pencil! 

If you want to take your gruesome crafts into the third dimension, you might want to try building 3D models of haunted houses. Birdswoodshack has designed puzzle kits which when assembled form iconic scary homes from horror history. In the kit you get all of the wooden parts needed to put together a Bates Motel, Amityville house or Addam’s Family mansion. Instructions are included, and once the building stage is complete, you can paint and decorate the model house and add some creepy touches. 

The latest craft trend to gain popularity is building miniature fairy gardens. These usually feature cute figurines of woodland animals, flowers and trees – but with a little creativity we’re sure you could come up with a darker theme. Fairy graveyard perhaps? Many small accessories can be made from household items such as fabric scraps, matchsticks and stones. You could include freshly dug graves, ghostly gatherings, menacing trees or a full moon to turn the traditional fairy garden into a haunting scene. Or you could feature flesh eating plants, overgrown ivy and gnarled branches for a more rustic cursed location. Or how about recreating scenes from your favorite horror films?

Our final suggestion is one that you can try out with minimal effort and resources – all you need is a few sheets of paper! Origami is the art of paper folding and has existed in Japanese culture since the 1600s. The goal is to transform a flat paper sheet into a 3D object – without using glue or tape. There are thousands of free origami tutorials available online, including quite a few horror inspired ideas. A book called ‘Horror-Gami’ contains instructions to fold a bat, monster, spooky tree and the grim reaper. It’s a relaxing activity, and you can produce some cute little critters. 

If you try out any of these horror themed crafts while in quarantine, make sure to send us a picture!

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