Horror Themed Bars

Ever wished you could hang out in a bar from your favourite horror movie? Maybe the cosy yet sinister Slaughtered Lamb from American Werewolf in London. Turns out that horror themed watering holes are cropping up all over the world.


Donnie Dirk’s Zombie Den in Minneapolis came about from the belief that the city was particularly vulnerable to zombie attach. Gothic interiors and filled with little nods to classic zombie films, the bar explains – “There are two specific reasons why Minneapolis is the global city of choice for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. Firstly: The zombies are coming, and you can’t stop that. However in Minneapolis for 8 months of the year it’s cold enough to keep the ambulatory flesh of the undead masses from decomposing further. Minneapolis residents will be spared the fowl stench that most certainly will blanket cities like Los Angeles or Miami. Secondish? Donny Dirks, your destination of decadent depravity. An oasis of makeshift civility where, for a few hours you can forget the unmitigated carnage outside, while sipping splendiferous spirits.”


Frankenstein in Edinburgh, Scotland is probably our closest horror pub. They describe themselves as “A fantastic bar, one unique monster experience”, but what’s awesome about this one is how much of the Universal film you can see. Many elements of the scientist’s laboratory are incorporated into  the décor and the overall structure really captures the gothic tone of the film and the novel.


Here’s another beautifully decorated bar, the Nosferatu in the Czech Republic. We can’t find much information on this one, but check out the awesome interiors below.


The Jekyll and Hyde Club is the Big Apple’s best-known spooky restaurant. It offers  an English Gothic theme, costumed actors roaming the restaurant, animatronic props and SFX. The larger location recently re-located closer to Times Square so apparently it’s even bigger and spookier now. There’s even a creepy back story to the venue, involving items relating to the Jekyll and Hyde case. Apparently “Jekyll and his compatriots filled the club with artifacts and trophies from their numerous amazing adventures. Many of the oddities in this unusual collection have a life of their own, so guests are warned: Anything Can Happen!”

Have you visited any horror themed bars? Tell us some of your favourites.