Horror & Relationships During A Pandemic

In our current unprecedented times, people across the world are reassessing their relationships. This comes at a point in history that many also feel they are living in a reality that reflects post apocalyptic horror stories more than the normality we have accustomed to. Socially distancing means that some might be spending a great deal more time with romantic partners while isolated at home – uncovering a few werewolf-like traits in their significant other. Others are embracing a new version of normal, dating in the virtual world and may feel that their love life has become an oddly dystopian experience from a dark sci-fi tale.

While we certainly hope that current conditions will not continue indefinitely, we do have a few ideas for connecting horror enthusiasts, and for ensuring your relationship is a filled with dark devotion to rival Gomez and Morticia Addams!

Horror movies, books and games can provide an outlet for the anxiety and fear experienced by many of us under lockdown. You may be dealing with some very real issues; financial difficulties, health worries and loneliness are all far greater horrors than anything in the world of slasher and zombies. But talking to a long term partner while both trapped at home is difficult. Shared viewing of scary movies, or cooperatively playing horror video games can allow a couple to express and explore their fears in a safe way, with an element of escapism from real world worries. Horror can be cathartic, and likely to be a healthier outlet for your fears than being at odds with your partner.

You might want to watch some high tension films together to allow for the expression of emotions you may be struggling to communicate. Or if you are both a little more technology savy, you could try out a horror VR game and play as a team. Working together in intense situations, fending off flesh eaters or exploring an abandoned hospital can bring you closer to your partner and encourage you to work together on solving puzzles and communicating strategies – skills that can be applied in other areas of life.

What if you aren’t under lockdown with a long term partner, but attempting to negotiate dating during a pandemic? Luckily the Internet offers endless options for those looking for their match. You might try one of the popular dating apps, or a service like matchmehappy.co.uk to connect with like minded people. But how can you embark on your Morticia and Gomez inspired adventures and find the Tiffany to your Chucky? While cinema-going is off limits for now, many streaming sites and fan groups are hosting virtual watch parties for all kinds of films. Look out for something spooky that you can watch together – in spirit! It provides a fresh experience to discuss when other parts of life have ground to a halt. It allows you to discus how both of you might respond to the scary situations seen on screen.

Horror has been linked to dating since the beginning. Early ghost train rides often doubled as secretive locations for young couples to get close, out of sight from prying eyes. Even Bela Lugosi said “To win a woman, take her with you to see Dracula.” back in the 1930s. So when you are searching for a tomb-mate on free uk dating sites, keep in mind these ideas for bringing you closer with horror.