Halloween & The Shining Art Inspired by Polish Film Posters


If you haven’t already ventured into the world of Polish film posters, we highly recommend taking a look. Most posters in the country between the early 20th century through to the 1980s were created by the Polish School of Posters, with a unique visual style.

Often the posters bared little resemblance to the film that they were advertising. Poland screened very few Hollywood films, so those which were shown were sold out without much need to advertise. Therefore, artists were under no pressure to creature commercial work – and could interpret the films as they chose.

The bright colours, hand-lettering, surrealist images and imaginative take on US films have made these vintage posters valuable collectors items. Check out this incredible Polish artist’s vision of The Exorcist

Sebastian Onufszak is a modern artist who draws inspiration from this surreal tradition. He created a series of film posters inspired by Polish posters of the past – which include Halloween and The Shining. Check them out below, and find out more about the series here.