Horror Photography by Francis Delapaz

Head in my Hands

Francis Delapaz is a photographer, who started shooting two years ago with his main focus being in macro and nature photography. Outside of photography he is a huge fan of horror; all things horror from books, movies and music. His favourite horror films include Hellraiser, Silence of the Lambs, The Exorcist, and a variety of films from Japan and Korea. Out with his main work, Francis tried his hand at horror photography, often with limited resources. His pieces were all created in his apartment, using himself as a subject. He describes his pieces as a minimised style of horror, due to his using materials available to him. He also creates his effects practically, with post processing kept to a minimum. He explains “I do make trips to the local Halloween store to supplement some ideas. Death, and a general unease center the themes of my photos”

Finger Food

The Reach

Order Up

Off to Work

Mr. Smiles


Blood Bath (2)

The Shower

Wandering the Halls