Horror Photography by Creepella Gruesome

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Creepella Gruesome is a photographer who’s hobby began ten years ago when she purchased a digital camera. As a nature lover, she began by photographing trees, the horror element of her work not becoming a feature until the following winter. She explains, “I began to point my camera up into the trees, focusing on the details of the bare branches.  These stark limbs took on creepy forms (sometimes monstrous), resembling huge arms that looked like they were about to grab me at any moment.  Being that I’ve been a horror fan since childhood, I really enjoyed how I was bringing out the eeriness of nature all around me.  It only seemed natural to me… so I decided to kick myself up a notch.”

She then began to experiment with Halloween props, in particular skulls, and experiment with lighting techniques and spooky compositions. Much of her work resembles stills from horror films and has a cinematic quality. Her most popular project is a series of images called The Shadow Creep – and features a mysterious cloaked figure in a long dark trench coat and broad brimmed fedora wielding a pick axe (or another weapon of choice. Creepella describes the series as “It’s film noir with a horror twist, using my husband (Captain Creepy) as the subject”

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Creepella loves to experiment with different equipment and techniques. One of her camera has a night vision feature with a true infrared ray emitter.  “Zoom barrel shift” (a technique that creates a surreal in-camera blur effect) and “camera panning” are some of the things that she also enjoys using.

Despite her name, her work is not all that gruesome. She explains – “My creepiness is often subtle and mirrors the genre of horror that intrigues me the most. The kind that goes by the old adage… “It’s what you don’t see that scares you.”

Check out more of Creepella’s pieces below, and find out more about her work here.

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