We Love These Sculpted Gruesome Phone Cases


There’s a wealth of horror themed phone cases out there, but occasionally we come across something really special. Creep Case was founded in April of 2014 by artist/sculptor Jon Fields. It all started when Jon was unable to find any highly detailed or realistic zombie themed phone cases for a gift. He got out his sculpting tools and a ball of polymer clay and started sculpting on what would eventually become the first Creep Case.


Influences are drawn from his years in the custom automotive paint world, and the B horror movies of yester-year.

Each case is hand cast, hand painted and shipped with an accompanying card signed by the artist. Although only currently available in a limited edition of 300 cases per design/model, there are plans in the future to expand into greater numbers of highly creative, horror-themed cases.


There are three designs available, and we’re honestly having a hard time picking our favourite. ‘Stitches’ is a body horror work of art, with gruesome wounds and boils – perfect for zombie fans. The structure of ‘Rib’ Case is pretty amazing, especially considering it’s flexibility. ‘Bad Mojo’ is a stylised, monstrous tiki mask, like Crash Bandicoot gone horribly wrong.


Check out more pictures below, and the range of cases on the official website.





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  • Doomdude601@gmail.com'
    June 3, 2017 at 9:02 pm

    I might just have to try and buy one of these cases for my phone at some point.


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