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Welcome to our first horror news round up on the new channel!

Let’s jump right in with the story of George Romero’s comments on The Walking Dead. In an interview with The Big Issue, Romero aired his thoughts on the show, saying “Basically it’s just a soap opera with a zombie occasionally. I always used the zombie as a character for satire or a political criticism and I find that missing in what’s happening now”

During the interview, the legendary director also revealed that he had been invited to direct several episodes of the show, but had turned down the opportunity.

Sticking with the undead, this week has seen a flurry of rumours and announcements surrounding the Evil Dead franchise. Fede Alvarez and his writing partner revealed that they were stepping away from a proposed sequel to the 2013 remake, which they later retracted saying that they were simply shelving the idea for a few years. Apparently the delay is due to Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell turning their attention to a sequel to Army of Darkness.



We’re all about supporting independent horror, and this week the trailer was released for zero-budget zombie film Death Walks. You can check out the trailer for the film, directed by Spencer Hawkins, below.

We have a bit of a guilty pleasure for The Addams Family, and this week it was announced that they will be returning to the big screen in an animated feature. According to Variety, Pamela Pettler will be handling the screenplay duties for the new film.

Finally this week, Suspiria is one of the most celebrated works of legendary horror director Dario Argento. This week it was revealed that Synapse Films acquired the home video rights to the film. Synapse founder Don May Jr. explained – “I’ve been involved in the restoration and release of many films in my career, but SUSPIRIA has always eluded me, until now,” says Donald May, Jr., President of Synapse Films. “It’s one of my favorite horror films and I’m ecstatic that my business partner, Jerry Chandler, was able to negotiate with the rights holders to release this film. This is going to be an amazing project for us.”

Synapse Films, Inc. will work closely with Technicolor Rome and Technicolor Los Angeles to create an all-new high-definition 2K scan from the original negative for a possible 2014-15 video release.

We’d love to hear your views on any of the stories we’ve featured. Use the comments feature below to share your thoughts.

3 thoughts on “Horror News Round Up

  • atybydw@gmail.com'
    November 4, 2013 at 9:49 am

    “Hello.” It seems “Death Walks” very slowly, taking a leisurely stroll around a shopping mall with lots of bad actors, who are trying oh so hard to look scared but failing.

  • thewriter@sky.com'
    November 5, 2013 at 6:13 am

    Clearly someone has issues! The film is zero budget, can XRNOHPORTER not read? Zero budget means no money, and for this film to have so much media interest puts you clearly in the minority. Great trailer, nice score, fantastic look!

  • atybydw@gmail.com'
    November 8, 2013 at 5:29 pm

    (Hey, I went to school with a Grahan Cook. Downer Grammer ring any bells?)
    If Death Walks has attracted a lot of media interest then more power to it and I hope all involved go on to bigger things but I just found the trailer didn’t make me want to watch it.
    Popcorn is chock full of zero budget films, most of which are superb and do a hell of a lot with very little. I would love to see those film makers given full reign.
    I agree about the music though, it has that John Carpenter vibe about it.


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