Not Your Grandmother’s Nesting Dolls

Nesting, or Matryoshka dolls have existed since the late 1800s in Russia. Traditionally the sets of dolls, which fit inside each other, form a theme – often including peasant families, fairy tale characters and politicians. You might think of these dolls as the weird collectables at the back of your Grandmother’s shelf, but here’s some horror fans who have crafted or re-purposed the traditional dolls to create unique pieces of scary art.

Matryoshka dolls have surely evolved through time. Nowadays, we have modern nesting dolls like these from which are hand painted into animals, cartoon characters, and even some mythological creatures like dwarfs.

horror nesting dolls

Werewolf nesting dolls, by missmonster

custom nesting dolls

Matryoshka Russian doll demon by missmonster

horror nesting dolls

Anatomical Nesting Dolls by StuntKid

horror nesting dolls

Zombie Nesting Dolls by mitchrobot4

horror nesting dolls

Nesting Dolls of Horror by Larry Higbee


Dia de los Muertos Matryoshkas by Cyanidenight


Five Nights at Freddy’s Nesting Dolls by Just A Little Bit Artsy


Cthulhu Mythos Nesting Dolls by licoricewits


B – Movie Monsters from 1950s Sci-fi Nesting Dolls by TNThielen


Movie Monster Nesting Dolls by Kevin Howell


Monsters by Doug Buddy


Nesting Dolls by Irene Garcia


Horror Movie characters by licoricewits

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