21 Examples of Horror Nail Art For Clawing Your Enemies To Death

I’ll admit to not being particularly informed on the nail art trend. I’m something of a nervous nibbler, and would never have the patience to grow my nails, never mind create these intricate designs. I am however, able to appreciate the skill which goes into some of these creations. Here’s 21 horror themed nail art designs, which should presumably make it easier to claw your enemies to death…or dig yourself out of a grave?

They’re watching you – from every angle!

Freddy’s coming for you

Such sights to show you…


Normal People Scare Me

All work and no play

B-Movie Monster

Mr. Mummy

Before you die

Do you like scary movies?


One dark night


Would you like to play a game?


Ki Ki Ki

Crime Scene



Wanna play?

The Grudge

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