Horror Movie Sequels We Can’t Wait to See in 2021

This year promises to be a very good one in terms of movies. In fact, a lot of remakes and sequels are going to be released, and we just cannot wait. In this post, we feature the horror movie sequels that are coming in 2021. 

We are excited for this one since we have seen the trailers and they are excellent. Make sure you find some time off your casino pokies online gambling to check out the trailers.

1. Candyman 

The original movie was made in 1992 and in this sequel, we get to see the story picking up in real time, years after the first event. In this version of the movie, we get to see a multimedia artist who gets so obsessed about the story of the Candyman. 

Soon after, unexplained events start happening around him. If you have watched the trailer, we are sure that you got the idea that it’s probably him who is causing everything that’s happening around him.

2. A Quiet Place Part II 

The first version of this movie was excellent and it was executed quite well. We have watched the trailer of this sequel and we just cannot wait.

We will get to see the same original cast having to navigate through their sanctuary, venturing out into the world. On their way, they still have to deal with the men-eating monsters, as well as other humans.Did you know that at https://www.cinemacasino.com/high-roller-casinos/ you can play quiet place part II.

3. Spiral: From the Book of Saw 

The first movie in this franchise was done to perfection, which earned it a lot of fans worldwide. After that, other sequels were made, although we’ll admit that some of them didn’t excite viewers that much. However, this sequel promises to be good.

In this version of the movie, we’ll get to see huge Stars such as Samuel L. Jackson, as well as Chris Rock.