How Horror Movie Makeup Has Changed Over the Past 20 Years

There is no reason to deny that tastes differ a lot no matter how old or young you are. The preferences in movies are not exceptions. Some people prefer documentary films, while others appreciate comedies or dramas more. However, in the overwhelming majority of instances, students are the ones who appreciate horror movies the most. Just recollect your college years when you constantly asked your friends, “Who can do my essay reviews?” and searched for a new horror film for an evening party with your roommate? Have you heard about Dracula’s Daughter, The Black Cat, The Invisible Man, and similar movies? This article is exactly what will impress and intrigue you.

Exciting plots, fascinating development of actions, unique scenery, and impressive actors’ makeup are the things that attract an audience and make them appreciate the genre. How often do you find yourself reading reviews just to have an opportunity to enjoy the newly released movie? Presumably, each one of us has ever done it before. What makes people enjoy gory scenes and scary episodes? There are numerous factors that can increase your passion for horror films, and special effects makeup is undeniably one of them.

Watching movies, the overwhelming majority of viewers do not even think about decorations, makeup, and other specifications that add to the overall experience. Simultaneously, it takes much time, money, and effort for the staff to create a unique picture worth your attention. However, if you have a closer look at these specifications, you will realize that it requires skills, professionalism, and experience to succeed with every scene and make it look scary but realistic.

Since the 1990s, the special effects makeup has always been changing and developing. At that time, cameras could shoot only black and white, which made the task completely different. Was it easier? It is complicated to tell, as the experience was just different. The task of the makeup artist was complicated, as it was inevitable to emphasize some points and make them scary even without a colorful picture. Collodion, putty, and mortician’s wax were the most common materials used in horror films to get the necessary effect.

Nowadays, with the development of technology, the process of horror film creation has changed a lot. In the last 20 years, it has become exceptionally difficult for makeup artists to create exclusive images worth the attention of the audience. Horror movie makeup can either make or break the viewers’ approval these days. Let’s find out the main reasons why people can turn off some horror movies right after a few minutes.

  • Boring plot.
  • Arid story.
  • Awkward settings.

These are, undeniably, the points that can prevent you from an excellent experience and decrease the level of your horror-film appreciation. If you search for the best reviews and order professional help with your assignments just to relish the time and watch an impressive horror movie, there is hardly anything that can stop you from the experience. The dull makeup of the actors is exactly the thing that can prevent the film from recognition. If it is too cheesy, the viewers are likely to change the channel or turn on another film. At the same time, it is indispensable to remember that realistic images are exceptionally expensive. Besides, it is inevitable for the makeup artist to be experienced and skillful in order to create exclusive images that are gross, scary, and gory but still realistic.

While several years ago, people spent hours and a lot of material to make an actor look scary, not it may take only several minutes. Of course, it is inevitable to pay attention to every single detail, as it matters a lot in horror movies. While the audience may not even notice some inaccuracies in drama or comedy, devoted horror film fans will never skip it.

Due to the rapid development of computer technologies, it has become much easier to create flawless images these days. The fantastic combination of CGI and special effects makeup is frequently applied, simplifying the task of both actors and artists. Some technologies that didn’t exist ten or twenty years ago can completely change the quality of the movie today. Just have a look at such films as A History of Violence, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Phantom of the Opera and compare them with the newly released counterparts. The difference is huge.

Have you been excited to read about the specifications of makeup in horror movies? Take maximum advantage of the essayservice, get some valuable free time, and immerse yourself in the history of your favorite genre. Browse the web and find impressive facts about the first makeup artists and their works. Check out crucial discrepancies in the way actors look in contemporary and old movies. Eventually, you will find a valuable connection between the technology advancement and cinema improvement.