10 Bands Named After Horror Movies

Horror has always had a role in music, probably most notably in the rock and metal genres. There have even been spin off sub-genres of music paying tribute to the horror films that inspired it’s creators; such as the horror punk scene popularised by The Misfits.

But there’s a few bands who have taken their names from horror films. Here’s ten you might not have known made perhaps the biggest decision of their music career based on a love for scary movies. There’s familiar names on the list, and also a few you might have heard of the movie – but not necessarily the band. And tell us, if you were in a band, what horror movie would you take it’s name from?


Rock legends Black Sabbath are named after an 1963 Italian-French horror film directed by Mario Bava and starring Boris Karloff.


My Bloody Valentine are an Irish rock band formed in Dublin in 1983, named after the slasher film of the same name which was in theatres two years prior.


Inspired by the Lugosi film, considered a pioneer of the zombie genre, Rob Zombie and his band named themselves White Zombie.


The Chop Tops was a rockabilly trio named after one of Leatherface’s many brothers; who featured in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2.


Aiden were an emo/horror band who must have really liked the US Ring remake. They’re named after the little boy in the movie, and used clips from the film in several of their recordings.


Two Thousand Maniacs!’ directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis  was the second part of what fans have dubbed ‘The Blood Trilogy.’ The band 10,000 Maniacs adapted their name from the splatter film.


Horror rocker Wednesday 13 references many scary movies in his music. He named himself after spooky favourite Wednesday Addams.


Skraeckoedlan are a stoner-rock band who’s name is the Sweedish title of The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms – one of the earliest monster movies.


Not strictly a movie, but we’re giving a mention to punk band A Wilhelm Scream. They’re named after the stock screaming sound effect that’s become something of an in-joke in thousands of movies, including PoltergiestThe Mist, 30 Days of Night and King Kong.


Teeth of the Sea are a UK band who’s name is the French release title of Jaws

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