Horror Loving Dad Uses His Twin Girls To Scare Hotel Guests


The Shining is a horror movie filled with striking symbols and visuals. Ask someone to name one, and the eerie twin girls in blue are likely to top their list. So what happens when a horror nerd Dad ends up with identical twin girls?


Meet Poppy and Isabella, four year old twins from the UK. Their Dad; Martin Hughs is a big horror fan, and found a way to entertain himself when he stays in hotels with his family.


“As soon as we found out we were having identical twins I thought The Shining,” he said. “As they’ve gotten older and we can travel and stay in hotels, it was a given that I’d get them to stand holding hands in the hallway for a joke.” Dad Martin told Buzzfeed.


Dad clearly has a sense of humour, he’s even taught the kids one of the famous lines from the film. “I jokingly taught them ‘come and play with us’ not long ago and now they do it around the house while holding hands and standing still,” he said.

Of course, the girls are much cuter and less terrifying than the ones in the film. But they’d probably still be pretty spooky standing at the end of a darkened hotel hallway!