People Are Getting Really Angry About These Horror Kids Photographs


Brittany Bentine has a somewhat unique business model. She’s the owner of Locked Illusions, which she describes as “America’s First Goth/Alt and fantasy themed photographic art for maternity, babies, kids, families, and teens.” Her studio transforms kids into fantasy and horror creatures, with dark makeup, props and a generous amount of fake blood.


She has recreated horror villains, including Pinhead and Billy the Puppet with her young models – and the results are pretty incredible. She strives to create a photographic art piece unique to each client. She never shoots or styles any photo theme again once it has been done keeping it unique, special and very original to that family.


The pictures are cute and quirky – and the kids look like they’re having a lot of fun. But as with everything on the internet, haters have been flooding Brittany’s Facebook Page with nasty comments. Many are calling her work ‘sick’ and ‘disturbing’ – with one rude commenter suggesting that there must be something wrong with the parents of the kids taking part.


Personally, I don’t see any issue. I loved having my face painted and getting dressed up, spreading fake blood all over my face at Halloween –  or at any available opportunity! For kids who are drawn to Nightmare Before ChristmasFrankenweenie, or the classic monster movies – it’s probably an awesome experience. Plus, how cute is that shot of Wednesday and Morticia Addams!?



The photographer explained in an interview with Vice; ” They know that it’s fake, they know that it’s fantasy, and whenever they see the final project they’re very excited.”



Find out more at the Locked Illusions website.