Fifteen Amazing Horror Movie Infographics

Infographics are awesome. Using minimal words, they’re able to tell complex stories and convey fascinating information using a combination of charts and images. It’s known as one of the most challenging areas of graphic design; research intensive and difficult to pull together in a manner that is pleasing tot the eye. We’ve selected fifteen great horror themed examples for your pleasure. Have you made any horror infographics? Share them with us on social media!


‘What’s Killing You’ was created to promote The Cabin in the Woods and breaks down the frequency of deaths in horror


Horror Movies Often have a physical effect on us. ‘This is Your Brain on Horror Films’ shows us the way our bodies react


fur_eel turned to reddit users to help create this infographic, which outlines horror kills, body counts and box office records


Everyone knows Stephen King tends to set his work around the same geographical area. This super fan created an infographic to map out the relationships between his works and characters.


Yahoo Movies gave us this axis guide to various movie monsters.


DesignBySoap attempted to answer the question – who is the greatest horror killer?


Ever wondered why you’re a gore lover? Designer Ashley Hirasuna attemptes to answer that question


Leatherface has undergone many transformations since his first appearance in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. produced this cool infographic on his design history.


Whit Hiler and Jason Kaufmann created an infographic about agency work using The Human Centipede as inspiration


Does that friend who ‘can’t watch horror movies’ just need a nudge in the right direction. MTV created this guide to choosing a classic horror film to watch.


Tech specialists TSG give us this guide to giant monsters by size


This striking design by FastCompany illustrates some of horror’s most important box office figures


Here’s one for werewolf fans by SaraChristensen


This image from VixVenture takes us through loads of horror info – including horror releases by year, profits, and body counts.


And finally, horror movie survival tips from

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