Four Ways Horror is Helping Us Connect During The Pandemic

As lockdown restrictions ease around the world, many of us are anxiously awaiting the return to ‘normal’ society. Yet in many places, establishments including cinemas, theatres and festivals are still facing challenges to reopen while allowing for social distancing. As a result, you may have found that your regular date venues are unable to open, or are operating with a very limited capacity. Increasing numbers of people are using digital services and apps to find potential dates, but the coronavirus outbreak has proven difficult for those who might traditionally meet in a bar, cafe or event.

Of course this is also true for horror fans, who despite stereotypes of being antisocial might want to find like-minded folks to share their passion with using services such as nostringsdating net. With major changes to Halloween events in 2020 and film releases being postponed, what are horror enthusiasts doing to meet new people while maintaining social distance?

We’re going to take a look at some of the ways horror is helping us to connect with each other during the global pandemic, and suggest some spine-tingling experiences you might want to try during your next digital date.

Virtual Horror Experiences are proving popular for those who miss the interactivity of haunt and escape room type attractions. The benefits of these experiences for daters is apparent – both parties will have to work together and communicate to complete challenges. But with many facilities forced to close, the experience is moving into the virtual world. Established escape rooms and haunted tours are moving the attractions online for fans to experience in virtual reality. ‘Delusion‘ is one example, tasking guests to solve the mystery of a murdered 1940s author. For a couple looking to get to know each other better, these virtual experiences may provide that opportunity in a more tangible way than a simple phone call or video chat.

Online Festivals are also seeing more widespread adoption. The cinema has long been associated with dating, perhaps because the distraction of a movie can be a comfort to those who are anxious and nervous on dates. Cinemas will likely be among the last establishments to reopen, but some festivals are providing an alternative. Screamfest re-branded with the slogan “Stay Home. Save Lives. Watch Horror.” and launched a collection of impressive short films on Youtube. Watching a selection of films could be a great alternative to the traditional cinema date.

Spooky gifts, which can be found in many online stores allow you to show an interest in someone. Before the pandemic, you might have brought along some flowers on a date to make a good impression. But if using an adult dating site is taking more of our interaction online, this isn’t possible. Luckily you can generally have almost anything shipped to your date to show that you are putting in the extra effort. Even horror fans can find something cute – but creepy!

Real life scares can bring daters closer while also being safe and socially distanced. ‘The Dark Zone’ streamed live twenty-four hour a day coverage from inside the house that inspired ‘The Conjuring’ movie franchise. If you and your date are fascinated by the paranormal, this was an ideal at-home experience to enjoy mutually. Signing up allowed for unlimited access, meaning that while the stream was live visitors were welcome to return to the house as many times as they wished. Dating entirely online can often prove challenging – and one area of anxiety is thinking of enough things to say to keep conversation flowing. Checking out of real life to explore the spooky house could allow daters to break out of forced or awkward conversations and discuss something they find genuinely interesting.

Have you found different ways of connecting with dates through horror during recent lockdowns? Have you tried any of the experiences that we mentioned? Let us know your thoughts or suggestions for horror-loving people to date without physical contact!