Horror Games That’ll Make You Sleep With The Lights On

There is simply no denying that gaming has changed over the generations. Heck, if you are like most people you can probably remember when playing multiplayer games on your phone seemed like a futuristic idea. Well, this is certainly no longer the case at all. The gaming world has completely been turned on its head. This is especially true for the horror genre. It used to be the shouting, the blood, the guts, and the gore that got people shaking. Today, it is more of the slow and easy scare that is making people’s hearts skip a beat or two. Check out these must-play horror games.

Alan Wake

When this psychological thriller graced the genre in 2010 fans could tell right away that it was going to be a major game-changer. In fact, that’s exactly what it was. The game was already on a completely different level as compared to anything else available. The real twister of the game was that it was advertised as more of a detective story, but it turned out to be a tail of survival. Fans got to play as Alan Wake and unravel mystery after mystery. There will be plenty of time where you find yourself in the empty, cold, dark street of Bright Falls trying to figure out what is going on with your life. If you loved Twin Peaks, this is going to a must-have for you.

Alien: Isolation

Alien at one time was one of the biggest and most iconic sci-fi thrillers of all time. The movie even had a few sequels and some spin-offs. There is no denying that it was a successful franchise at one time. This certainly isn’t the case now. The franchise went off the rails, but despite this, the gaming franchise is still going strong. And, when you look at everything that their games have to offer it should be easy to understand why. Isolation is a whole new kind of trip.

Players get to battle and wind their way through a remote space station in search of a very important flight recorder, along with other secrets. Oh, and don’t forget about the xenomorphs onboard that are just lurking in the shadows. You’ll have to be sneaky, clever, and use distractions to survive in this game.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

It is pretty clear that video game developers like to play tricks on their unsuspecting fans. Just look at the creators of that Halloween software did with the online casino joker123. They had their staff and their client list scared out of their wits. All that aside, that is exactly what the developers did in The Dark Descent. You wake without any memory in a dark castle. The only two things that you know for sure are your name and that someone or something is hunting you.

There is literally terror and fright just waiting around every corner. You have to keep your composure in order to avoid and elude these machines of death, which will chase you to no end. At first, the game might come off as a big demented match of hide and seek, but give it a chance because it is so much more than that.

Condemned: Criminal Origins

When it comes to tension, it really is hard to beat the Condemned. This certainly might not be your typical survival horror game, but it will keep you right on the edge of your seat until the very end. You get to take control of and play as Ethan Thomas, a member of the FBI’s Serial Crime Unit. You are tasked with uncovering the identity of whoever framed you and set you up for murder. If that doesn’t sound eerie enough, the whole town is filled with psychopaths and creepy denizens. This seedy side of town makes Gotham City look like a walk in the park.

Dead Space

If Alien was a hit with you then you are going to equally love Dead Space. In this game, you will get to walk on the edge of space while taking on terrifying creatures known as necromorphs. You will be sent into an abandoned space ship in search of survivors. Don’t worry because you will soon find out what happened to the previous crew.