Horror Games Adapted to Cinema


I just came across some horror genre slots games on a site called Royal Vegas Casino; Creature from the Black Lagoon and Zombies. If you’re a horror and gaming lover, you know how exciting it is when they adapt your favorite horror game into a movie or television series. Seeing your favorite characters come to life on the big screen can be thrilling! You’re probably just as excited as I am that Netflix is set to release The Witcher adaptation TV series. The series will be based off of the books that were written by the Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. These are the novels that spawned a film, graphic novel series, the video game franchise and this upcoming TV series.

There have been a lot of horror games that were adapted to movies over the years. Some have been done well, some not so well. Here are some of my favorites.

Silent Hill

The video game itself was spooky and surreal, and this transferred over to the movie as well. One interesting note is that later versions of the game borrowed an element from the movie. In the movie you get that real-time transformation of the town from its spooky foggy look into the dirty rusty maze, where all of the horrors reside. I liked that both movie and game shared a central basis, yet both were able to develop their own story line.

Resident Evil

Another of my favorite horror games, and this one has turned into a huge franchise of follow up games and movies. The adaptation of the first movie actually takes place before events in the original game. In the game we have a group that ventures into an old mansion, where they not only discover zombies, but the secret laboratory of the Umbrella Corporation. The movie version however, begins in the labyrinth of Umbrella Corporation and gives us the backstory of how the virus began. It does seem that there isn’t a lot shared between the game and the movie adaptation story line wise. But they do have some of the same key features, which are mutants and zombies.

Alone in The Dark

I remember this game in the early days when the graphics weren’t all that great. But the game has come a long way since and is still as spooky as ever. This was one of the first survival games in the horror genre. 4 games later, we get the movie, which is based on this 4th title, the New Nightmare. The movie itself doesn’t have that much in common with the first three games of this franchise, and fans of the games have pointed out that there are issues with continuity. However, this game set the trend of inspiration for games Resident Evil.

Those are just a couple of the horror games that were adapted into movies. There are also some games that Hollywood is said to be taking on as movies.

The Last of Us

This game is highly cinematic and focuses on a story about a man and girl trying to navigate through a zombie infested apocalyptic world. A release date hasn’t been announced just yet, but it will be awesome to see this game up on the big screen, movie style.

Dead Island

The game is set in a vacation spot where you are inundated with zombie hordes. With no planned release date, and the movie planning being on again, off again since it was announced, we are hoping Occupant Entertainments and Deep Silver, who obtained the rights after Lionsgate dumped the project, get this game on the big screen and do it some justice.

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