Terrifying Horror Games to Enjoy in 2017

Whilst there’s nothing better than watching a good horror movie, it’s hard to deny the fact that horror games offer a pretty good alternative. Whether you want to check out some of the terrifying gaming adaptations of VR technology, or just want to take it easy with some spooky mobile casino offerings, it looks like 2017 is going to be a great year for horror gaming.


The year has already kicked off in style with the beautifully gruesome Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. This acclaimed title for PS4, Xbox One and PC has successfully revitalised the series by utilising a first-person viewpoint and it has even implemented the PlayStation VR headset technology for even more terror. However, it’s still the sheer quantity of inventive deaths that continue to make this series the one to beat!


Zombies have become big news in the gaming world recently, and 2017 looks to be another great year for the undead. In particular it’s the hugely anticipated State of Decay 2 that looks to deliver some typically rotten entertainment as the Xbox One and PC game has already leaked some concept art that shows that there will be plenty of intrigue in this promising survival horror series.

Vampires have also been steadily filling up the gaming charts recently. And the latest addition to the canon is the Vampyr game for PS4, Xbox One and PC which promises to be an action-based RPG set in the early 20th century that offers a range of narrative and combat challenges. But for something simpler, the vampire and horror slots games at Lucky Nugget Casino can be played via a smartphone device in a way that means that you can get to the spookiness much faster!


Special mention must also be made to the survival horror title Outlast 2 that’s due to come to Xbox One, PS4 and PC later this year. The quick PC preview delighted horror fans last year, and it’s hoped that its bleak Arizonan adventures could provide one of the surprise gaming hits of 2017.

Other titles to look forward to include the rebooted Friday the 13th game for next-gen consoles, the sinister Little Nightmares providing some puzzling horror, and the supernatural shocker Ghost Theory.

 And with the likes of Night Terrors: The Beginning expected to give mobile gamers something to enjoy alongside their casino games, it looks like 2017 is going to be pretty gruesome!

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