This Guy Creates Fudge Especially For Horror Fans

We love horror cookery. There’s been a big craze for nerdy edibles at the moment, but for some reason the pairing of the delicious and the gory is a little less common. So when we cam across LA based Dr. Fudgenstein, we had to share his creations.

Dr. Fudgenstein specializes in various delightfully delicious fudge and candy experiments made with horror fans in mind. All of Dr. Fudgenstein’s creations come adorned with horror-themed candy treats including skulls, bats and fangs.

You can find out more on Facebook, or order some of these awesome looking treats here.

Screenshot - 171115 - 23:47:32

Screenshot - 171115 - 23:48:51

Screenshot - 171115 - 23:54:25

Screenshot - 171115 - 23:48:36

Screenshot - 171115 - 23:48:21

Screenshot - 171115 - 23:49:36


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