Horror Films That Would Actually Make Great Video Games


If you are a fan of both video games and horror movies, you already know that more often than not, video games horror movies tend to suck. Very few of these thrillers have seen much success and even fewer still have managed to successfully capture what made the movie so great. The only reason that fans keep turning into the games is just the hope that this time will be different. Maybe this Jason will be the one that changes the industry. You have to hold on to hope, right? That being said, there was one exception to this statement. And, this one could have been the exception because it went in reverse. It was a game that was already out and turned into a movie. It wasn’t a movie that was being turned into a game. Most fans will have to agree that Silent Hill truly captured everything that made the game great.

The atmosphere, the visuals, the innately complex storyline, the music, the monster, the camera angles, it all adapted right from the game. Maybe this was the exception because it was first a video game and then a movie. Surely this could be the case. Surely these game developers have the skills to take some of the best horror movies of this generation and turn them into great games. If they did, what movies would these be?


Given all the horror films that have been milked by the gaming industry, you’d expect to have seen Poltergeist grace the shelves by now. It has everything that most gaming developers go for. Heck, it is based around a literal haunted house. How has this one not made the cut yet? It is entirely possible that it might now with the film remake just looking right around the corner. The timing could not be better and releasing a game right around the time of the movie would take could of all the advertising costs. However, in order for this to be a real success, it would need to be tuned down to a smaller scale.

A simple haunted house game with randomized scares and a bit of the Poltergeist flavor would likely hit the spot with most fans of the films. There wouldn’t really be any need to delve into the fiction of the story and start going all crazy. This is where things would only go down the wrong road.


Anyone that bets and gambles with quality online providers like สล็อต ออนไลน์ would tell you that it is hard to believe that there hasn’t been a single decent Alien game yet. How could there not be? The genre has the makings of everything that would make a great video game. You have space, marines, lots of killer guns, and this is not to even mention, one of the most iconic monsters in movie history. It just doesn’t make sense that the developers haven’t hit the nail on the head yet. There has been a lot of Alien games. There is one that even dates back to the Atari 2600, four games on the second film, three on Alien 3, and don’t forget about Aliens: Colonial Marines.

In order to mine a success, developers would need to sit down with all the previous games and talk about what makes them colossal failures. Going from there, they should have more than a starting platform for an iconic and memorable game.


Here is another that just doesn’t make sense. Scream is an entire movie franchise, but not one adaption of a video game? Heck, this slasher flick literally took over horror during the 80s and 90s. It is just unbelievable that there hasn’t been a video game adaption yet. It is possible that Until Dawn could have been somewhat of a rare exception for the Scream genre, but that failed. If you want to make an adaption of Scream that hits home with the fans of the movie franchise, you are going to need to make something that is every bit as witty and self-aware as the movies and characters were. In fact, this is something that a lot of these horror games are lacking. It only gets worse when you look at this generation’s offering of horror games.