This Horror Film Uses Photographs to Tell The Story of a 16th Century Ghost

Here’s the trailer for a new horror film which uses a series of eerie photographs to tell the story of a 16th century ghost which haunts Venice. Negative29A is the latest from from director Mark Robert Davey and Zebroid Films, and was shot entirely on black and white negative film.

Inspired by classic black and white films from the early 20th century, Negative29A is a romantic and haunting vision that takes the viewer on a journey into a dark and ethereal world. In the film, a photographers passion for travelling and taking black and white photographs takes him on a journey through many countries. From remote hilltop castles accessible only by narrow paths through wooded gorges to hidden former East German landmarks that time has forgot.

On one occasion, while photographing the Rialto Bridge in Vienna. An almost picture perfect moon was appearing from behind clouds just above the arch of the bridge. Venice was silent. Asleep. Apart from lovers sitting on the steps on the Grand Canal. In the darkness he had unknowingly photographed something very special. Something that should not exist.

This has become known as Negative29A; a genuine photograph of a known 16th century ghost that haunts Venice.

The director’s work displays a unique filmesque style combining simple structural elements of bright highlights and deep shadows that take the viewer on a visual story and into a different world. Check out the trailer for this unique horror film below, and find out more on the film’s social media.

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