Horror Fans – Check out these ‘B Movie Bags’

B-Movie Bags creator Julia Griffin is a Freelance Artist based in Ayrshire, Scotland. A passion for Classic Horror, B-Movie imagery & a love of all things vintage led her to ‘B-Movie Bags’.



B-Movie Bags is quite simply an homage to the Illustrative Artists of the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s & 60’s whose work often appeared on the Horror & B-Movie genre advertising posters of Universal Studios, RKO Radio & many others. Julia has selected a number of her favourite film posters from across these decades to hand paint on to great vintage handbags from the same era. The bags & images are thoughtfully paired together & hand painted using a good quality leather paint for a professional & durable finish. The result is a surprisingly authentic, functional & totally unique piece of Pop Art.





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