Horror Fan Re-Designs ‘The Shining’ Credits in Gorgeous Inkblot Style


You have probably seen some variation of the inkblot test, or Rorschach test in old court dramas or murder mysteries. The personality test is now widely disputed in it’s accuracy – and the classic ink images probably make better pieces of interesting art than accurate ways of measuring personality traits.

Artist Martin Kerdel has adapted the shapes to create his own version of the credits for The Shining. It’s fitting, considering the film is centered around perception and the terrifying change in personality of the central character. What’s also pretty cool is that the images are mirror imaged – as they were in the Rorschach test – to get across the duality of Jack’s character, and the theme of twins found in the film.

Martin even animated the credits to show how they would look in the film itself. Check out the images and video below, and find more of Kerdel’s work at his website – martinkerdel.com.

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