Horror Face Masks To Terrify While Staying Safe

It’s fair to say that coronavirus has resulted in some unexpected industries popping up to sell products that we until recently most of us didn’t regularly purchase. Face Masks and coverings are the most high profile of these, with worldwide shortage at the beginning of the pandemic, legislation requiring them to be worn in public, and the subsequent backlash against these policies.

Live Science recently reported on this medical trial simulating how masks impact the spread of droplets. If the report concerns you, and if there are new rules regarding masks in your area – why not make wearing masks a bit more fun? Several ranges of horror themed masks are available now, featuring scary and iconic designs. Here’s our pick of the best horror face masks you can buy.

Fright Rags launched this classic horror range this week, featuring Halloween and Night of the Living Dead.

Glitch Goods have some amazing designs inspired by The Shining, Universal Monsters and more.

The creative people at Horror Decor have these rental VHS and evil clown inspired masks, as well as some featuring Freddy and The Shining.

Artist Jason Baker worked with FX icon Tom Savini on this Jason inspired mask design.

GiftsHubDesign.com has a new line of masks featuring classic slasher characters.

Ashleighellan sells these hand crafted masks featuring characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas.