Horror Director Creates ‘Chose Your Own Adventure’ Interactive YouTube Videos


Interactive YouTube videos have been a thing for a while now, yet we’ve only really seen the concept put to use in advertising. Yet finding ways to interact with horror movies is an old tradition – with William Castle being the most noted example of pioneering the concept.

Film student Luke Meneok has combined these ideas in an experimental video project called Alley Trash. It’s a simple story; a lone pothead wanders through the back alleys of downtown Steel City in the dead of night. He encounters a number of bizarre individuals as he seeks out a quiet, isolated place to smoke weed. But the viewer has the opportunity to make certain choices which impact the fate of the central character.

The project is Luke’s Final Thesis, so student film budgets are to be expected. Nevertheless, it’s an interesting concept – and one we’d like to see explored further with more resources. Many of us grew up reading Choose Your Own Adventure style horror books, and if you were a fan we highly recommend checking out Alley trash. Begin the adventure in the video below.