Horror on the Deep Web – The First Clip From The Darkest Nothing Revealed

The first official clip of the movie The Darkest Nothing: Paraphrenia (2018) is out, together with the first teaser.

A unique exercise in terror in a form of an illegal psychotherapy, this is the first appearance of “NEURON” in front of Judy. Neuron’s “Terror Crew” uses projection mapping to manipulate and emphasize the thoughts and reactions of Judy, with images and videos synchronized to Neuron’s words. At the same time they stream the video live on their .onion Deep Web site, by using a new code and software, instead of using normal web platforms that allow high quality streaming video.

A few glitches and some common mistakes are embraced by Neuron, as they add to the authenticity of the broadcast. Judy isn’t prepared for all those weird “magic” tricks and illusions, but this is just he beginning of the whole thing. Everything becomes darker and more personal and even scarier and more dangerous afterwards…

The first official clip from the upcoming movie doesn’t give much away about the methods and the whole process. Only existing software and real equipment is used, nothing is fictional. This is the first attempt of the group to create the idea of a “RED ROOM”, a torturing space where the victim is mentally and physically destroyed in front of a camera or a live audience. Red Rooms with live streaming video are not possible until now, because of the limitations of Deep Web speed protocol and the way that the .onion websites re-direct information to keep the anonymity of the website and the viewer.

Find out more about the feature film and the short movies that serve as back stories of the main characters on the official website and watch the clip and teaser below.

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