Horror Decor Has An Awesome New ‘Ghostbusters’ Range

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We’re big fans of Horror Decor, who create originally designed horror merchandise and furnishings. With the tagline ‘Make Every Day a Living Nightmare’, they’re exactly our kind of people. 

They explain on their Facebook Page“How does the true horror fanatic decorate a room? With movie posters and figurines of course, but then what? You can find plenty of comic book or cartoon character bed sets and decorations but the horror fan is always stuck with black. Not anymore! Our goal here at Horror Decor is to give you, the gore fiend, a new option. Our ever growing line of hand made items including pillows, candles, lamp shades, bedding, clocks, and other decorative items will guarantee you one-of-a-kind high quality affordable products to display with pride.”


With all the buzz around the new Ghostbusters movie, the Horror Decor team launched this awesome range paying tribute to the new generation of Ghostbusters – and capturing nostalgia for the original film. The ‘Ecto‘ Range includes an Ecto Cooler scented candle, candle tin and wax – so your home can smell of everyone’s favourite childhood sugar fuel.

There’s also some creative designs for furnishings, including flags, pillows and magnets. Time to re-decorate!