Horror Comic Unveils the Truth Behind One Family’s History of Terror


Creator James D. Schumacher III has unleashed Volume I of Inheritance: The Binding of Three. Working with graphic artist and co-creator James Burton, Schumacher has crafted a chilling tale combining a unique blend of abject horror and the very human struggles of coping with terminal cancer.  Volume I of The Binding of Three is available April 15 on Outpouring Comics as well as retail locations around New Jersey, Salt Lake City, and California.

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Inheritance follows the story of the Christensen family across multiple generations as the demonic and malevolent reach of their family’s darkest secret, the vile patriarch Walter, besieges them. Walter gathers his strength in the darkness of our world waiting as the family tears itself apart through fear and skepticism ushering in the perfect storm allowing Walter to emerge once more into the world to carry out the ultimate evil against his family, blood atonement.

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The veil between our world and the other place thins for Serling Normandy just as his mother predicted, sending Serling’s own incredulous understanding of his reality into a tailspin. In confronting what his ‘Inheritance’ is, Serling sets into motion a chain of events that give rise to the demonic scourge of Walter, and threatens the life of not only his mother, but his own in the process.

You can check out the trailer below, and Order Inheritance on Outpouring Comics.